Tuesday, 6 March 2012

What is Boow Reviews?

B.O.O.W stands for Books on our Wishlist. I used to find myself looking really hard for a good book every time I went to the bookstore. And it was always hit and miss. Sometimes I would find a real jewel but other times I would just find a dud of a book. But as a book lover, I think you should have the opportunity to read great books all the time! So where do you find great books all the time? You find them on the bestseller shelf. There are always great books on the shelf and there is such an amazing variation of genres and concepts. If you didn't know about them I wanted to share them all with you! Everyone loves different kinds of books so I don't limit any of my book choices to my personal interests. I think every book deserves a fair chance and I've been pleasantly surprised on multiple occasions.
At the end of every month, I give out the Crown of Approval award to my favorite book featured on my blog over the previous 4 weeks. This book gets stamped with my Crown emblem and posted onto The Wall of Books. Here you can see all of my previous reads, all of the Crown winners are marked with my Crown of Approval.
So I really hope you enjoy reading my reviews and continue to do so. Share your B.O.O.W with me and we can read them together!

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